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♥ Cooking Cute ♥

. a bento blog .

cute chef
This is the LiveJournal for Cooking Cute. I use it only to post daily bento (which also are featured on the main site). Please go to Cooking Cute for TONS more information and bento goodness.


LJers: Feel free to friend this LJ if you would like to see bento updates in your friends list. However, my friends list is limited to bento blogs and journals with bento entries. If your LJ is dedicated to bento, or if you make bento posts upon occasion, let me know and I'll add you. :) If you're not a bento blogger, fear not -- all of my posts are public so you will get all bento updates if you friend this journal.

Non-LJers: Feel free to link to this journal -- but a better idea would be to link the main site: www.cookingcute.com ;)

If you like, use one of the banners below (please copy to your webspace) and link back to http://www.cookingcute.com - thanks!

Recipes used in the bentos are stored in the memories/recipes link.
Some are adapted from Naomi Kijima's Bento Boxes: Japanese Meals on the Go and Naomi Moriyama's book (referenced above). Others are from my personal collection that I have developed over the years.

♥ Cooking Cute ♥ is an affiliate of JBox/JList.
If you wish to make any purchases there, please click through the links on this site. Thank you! =^.^=

Love the bento!

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